Sometime in April

It was sometime in April when I had that one shot
The shot that made me pour the contents of thy heart
The fears, the heartaches, all my sadness away
I knew sometime in April, I had to be okay
Sometime in that April, I held your comforting hands
The times when I’m wishing such moments would end
Yet I knew all good things will come to its end
And sometime in April, my broken heart has to mend..
Sometime in that April, my heart only was for you
Sometime in April, I loved you oh so true
But sometime in April, our hearts have to part
And that month which was April, I had a shattered heart..
***i’ll try to edit it and add more verses.. but still, i hope you like it.. feel free to give a comment.. sorry if it’s such an “emo” post again đŸ™‚

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