Unrequited Love

* this was taken from my old friendster blog.. 🙂

isn’t there something more painful than unrequited love?
on the first place, why love someone who cant love you back? you know that there’s not anything that you can’t get in return. so why bother?
that is because you cant help it.
can you teach your heart whom to love?
(i’m getting cheesier by the minute. hahaha..)
there are two scenarios in that crime we call “unrequited love”-
  • a) the girl/guy who loves someone who doesn’t love her/him back.
– on this scenario, the person becomes a martyr. he looks at her from afar, gazes at her pictures when she’s not looking, sending messages he knows she won’t even read, giving gifts that she’d just throw away. so much effort is exerted however the feelings that are invested are not given back. isn’t life fair?
  • the guy/girl who is being the object of the love being given
– this girl knows that someone is gazing at her from afar, receiving messages from someone that she doesn’t care about, getting gifts she wont even care to open. we never know that deep inside her, she is also hurting. do we know that although it actually irritates her to be treated that way, she also feels sad for there’s this one person that still hopes and dreams for her love, but deserves and needs to find another.
can we actually blame them for feeling that way? we may actually hurl hurting words to the guy. we might tell him to find another, knowing that no matter how hard he tries, there’s still no hope. and we may identify the girl as the antagonist on this scene, and we may actually ask her to give the guy a chance to prove himself.. but the reality is- we can never teach the heart whom to love.. and love feels better when it’s not forced.
that is why you “fall” in love. it’s because you’ll never know.
*for all we know, the girl may be pining for another guy.. and in that case, she might be the opposite..
for all we know, she falls for someone who doesn’t love her back.. ;)*
and you may ask again, “is life fair?”


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