Almost a Decade after my 18th Birthday

How I could bear to declare my age here is beyond me. Oh well, I would only have the guts to post how old I am if I’m not yet 30. And once I get to that age, you’ll have to rely on these posts to look back on for reference. Harhar.

I’m always celebrating my birthday. What I mean is, I don’t have the qualms to hide that I am indeed getting old. I know that there’s always a possibility of us losing our lives the next day (but please, I don’t wanna die yet), so I’m taking my time to be happy each day. And one of my ways to be happy is to be with my loved ones on my special day.

This year, I’m going to celebrate my birthday with my family. My significant other will also be there. (Or else.) No plans have been made yet, to think it’s going to be on Saturday, but that’s okay because I’m not after the place that I’m going to celebrate it on, but who I am going to celebrate it with…

And dear, I just realized I am getting ooooold! 28! That’s already marrying age! My mom had me when she was 24 or 25, I think, so if we compare it with her age then, by this time I would have been 3 already. I, on the other hand, have not yet given birth to a child. (That’s our plan, anyway. So that’s okay.)

No need to worry, though. Everything’s all working fine, so far. Hopefully my birthday’s gonna be fun.

Want to celebrate it with me? 😉


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