Beef Steak, Golf Balls and Green Apple Float

What a title.

Again, I was supposed to be working on my articles, but before I transform into my ‘night owl’ mode, magkwento na lang muna ako. 🙂

What’s there to share? Wala lang. Share ko lang na nagluto ako ng beef steak around 11:30 PM. Haha. More likely nga kasi eh late na ako matutulog so I cooked breakfast as early as now. At least may pagkain na agad pagkagising diba. 🙂

I am glad nadiscover ko na matino pala ako nagluto. Sa bahay kasi eh I don’t have to cook — I am blessed to have both parents na magaling magluto. So I know for a fact that hindi ako makikipagcompete because their cooking is beyond compare. Kaya ayun, I didn’t have the chance to try.

But when I had to live here in Manila, and bf was with me most of the time, I had to cook para naman hindi laging fastfood kinakain namin. It’s more expensive eh, saka iba din naman yung homecooked meals. 

My first attempts were as simple as cooking fried eggs (malasado yung gusto ni bf), and fried fish and fried other foods. LOL. If I remember right, porkchop saka tinola yung mga first few attempts ko. All successful, thankfully. Or just because si bf ang #1 fan ng mga luto ko. LOL ulit. :D)

I would have wanted to share the recipes of the foods I cook kaya lang everything is mostly based sa pagtantya lang. Pasalin-salin, budbod asin, dagdag ng tubig… You get the idea. 🙂

Here are some of the meals I’ve cooked. Enjoy! 🙂

That’s the tuna salad I’ve cooked for bf during his ‘healthy meal’ days.

Sweet and sour pork. Turned into one of the all-time favorites.

I also do desserts; one of them is this yummy fruit salad.

And here’s my most recent beef steak. 

Will be uploading the ‘finished products’ here. I’ll try to think of other recipes, para hindi naman nakakasawa. Hehehe.

Happy eating! 🙂

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