I Love You Sabado

Yes, I ♥ the weekends, but it’s not what this post is about really.

90’s kids like me would have an idea on what that line is about.

Yeah, it’s about the fastfood with the big red bee. 🙂

You know him, right? 🙂

I adore that bee. If I see that bee anytime soon, I’ll be rushing over to have my picture taken with him. (But I’ll glance around first to see if someone who knows me is around. Yeah!)

Recently, these are the reasons why I always want to go to Jollibee:

I heart you, chocolate float. *drools*

Chocolate float. The reason why I’m alive. I actually didn’t like the new flip-floats. I don’t know about the others but I’m more than happy to stay with this variant. ♥

My favorite ever since. Everytime I go to Jollibee, it always has to have this. Household members also know that as a rule: one of my favorite pasalubongs has to be THIS.

And this is what completes my big three — Jollibee tuna pie. Sigh. So far I’ve noticed this is only available during Holy Week, and so I believe my Tuna Pie days are numbered. My only hope is to learn the recipe so I won’t miss it much when it’s gone. Sigh.

Oh well. Seeing this just made me crave for them more. Good thing someone’s going to take some home for me. ♥

I’ll see you soon, Jollibee *sparkly eyes*

*images owned by JFC

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