Getting Used to Insomnia

I’m having difficulty sleeping. Seriously. I don’t have work today and so I was hoping to sleep as early as I could to make up for all those late nights that I’ve had. Unfortunately my body may have adjusted to my sleeping habits, and so, here I am, all awake.

What’s bad is my vision’s getting all blurry and my body has this ‘go to bed’ mode, but I still can’t put myself to sleep. To think it should have been easy for me to sleep since I’m tired from all the walking (I went to Cash & Carry to ‘entertain’ myself, and I’m also full from all the eating I’ve made.

It makes sense, right?

I’m full + I’m tired + I don’t have work + I’m alone = sleep. zzzzzz.

Unfortunately, so far it’s not going that way. 
And I just noticed my next-door neighbor suddenly doing some construction thingamajigs. 

Ah. This is soooooo not good.

I’d better end this post, and lay on my bed, and hope to be in the land of dreams before 1AM…

Can I have all of these?

Goodnight everyone! ♥♥


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