More money or more love?

Should I choose the job that pays better, or work full-time that pays half, but makes me feel better?
What a choice.

Let me explain.

I’ve been working for nearly 7 years now. Since 2006, I’ve worked as a call center agent. Lahat na yata ng accounts, nadaanan ko na. Telecoms, financial accounts, travel and hospitality, technical support, sales —
I’ve had them all. 

Call center agents, I’m sure you’ve met Avaya here.

Ahhh. The call center industry. Very challenging and character building. This industry is ideal for those who want to earn, considering this is one of the best-paying jobs nowadays. Basic pay for beginners can start from Php13.5-16k monthly, depending on the company and the account that you’ll be put into. Hindi na masama, di ba? You can really save up, especially if you’re single and you don’t have to support somebody else.

However, this is not easy work for most. Especially if you’re taking calls. You end up being at the receiving end of frustrated people who didn’t get what they want, whether it’s phone bills, internet connection, new phones…what have you. Hindi ito trabaho ng mga maramdamin, kasi lahat na lang yata ng $#$%^%&^ mura eh pwedeng sabihin sayo.

Saka hindi rin pwedeng sabihin na trabaho ng mga walang alam ang BPO industry / call center. Sige, ikaw ang magpaliwanag ng finance charges saka interest accumulation sa isang credit card holder. Try mo one time. 

And this is what makes the job so stressful. That’s the reason why I don’t blame those agents that are always looking forward to their team buildings, hangouts, and MOST ESPECIALLY rest days. Masarap ang feeling na makalaya ka kahit sandali sa mga rants ng customers na madalas naman eh hindi lang talaga nagbabasa muna. Masarap din na hindi ka muna makikipag-usap sa mga taong sarado ang utak sa paliwanag. Masarap yung pakiramdam na hindi ka hinuhusgahan sa dami ng nabenta mo, o kung gaano karaming computer ang napigil mong mapunta sa junk shop.

Masarap na mahirap ang magtrabaho sa call center.

And this is what confuses me.

Right now, I’m working as a web content writer for a Filipino company. I’m given topics to work on, and I’m writing articles, even e-books, about it. 

I’ve always wanted to be a writer, and getting paid to be one is a dream come true.

My job is ideally for part-time work. Yung tipong kukunin mo lang pag wala kang gagawin, or pag may time ka para magresearch. Hindi din sya madali kasi iiwasan mong ma-tag ka for plagiarism, at minsan may required pa na keyword density at word count. Difficult topics are also a challenge. Like that one time na pinagsulat ako ng articles about buckets. Creativity must be unleashed in those moments.

Masarap din maging web content writer. At times, I receive revision requests from editors, but it’s okay, at least it’s not rejected, and I’m given a chance to correct my mistakes.

At alam mo ba kung ano ang masarap sa trabaho ko? Nasa bahay lang ako! Nasa bahay lang!

Admittedly, yes, that’s what I don’t want to let go. Sa work ko, technically, 24/7 sya, pero I could choose when to write. If I’m not available to work, I can do so. Pag may lakad ako, I don’t have to write, okay lang. No medical certificates needed, no call-ins required.

Pero dito, no work, no pay ang drama. Pag masyado mo in-enjoy ang perks, wala ka ding income.
And if you take things lightly na tipong hindi ka kukuha ng work araw-araw, hindi rin masyado mataas ang pay. Php300+ per day ang income if you take assignments everyday.

I would have been contented with my work. Inggit nga sakin yung iba kong friends kahit na sinasabi kong mababa lang ang sweldo ko. Hindi ko daw kasi kailangan gumising ng maaga, saka pwede daw ako hindi magwork kung gusto ko.

Kaya lang, recently, a conversation went like this:

Me: …eh wala nga ako hawak ngayong pera.
My kausap: Eh bakit wala? Lagi ka na lang ganyan…
Me: Hindi naman kagaya ng sweldo ko dati ang sweldo ko ngayon…
My kausap: Eh bakit ka nagttyaga?
Me: Kasi eto yung gusto kong trabaho…

I was somehow in shock before I uttered that last response. Sweldo na lang ba talaga ang basis ngayon? Wouldn’t it be better if I’m happy with my work? 

Sabagay, oo nga naman. Trabaho ka nga ng trabaho dun sa gusto mong field, wala ka namang pera. Oo nga naman, kahit halos isuka ko na ang pagpasok, tutal naman, pag payday, masaya naman. Sige, pagttyagaan na lang. 

Bahala na. I have plans for May, kaya I can’t take a full-time job. I’ll take the time to decide…

2 thoughts on “More money or more love?

  1. One of the hardest decision to make. Like in my case, I'm in the medical profession, if I finally decide to work, siguro mas mataas pa sweldo ng ibang nasa bahay lang kesa sakin. 🙂


  2. Good luck on your decision, but whatever you choose there is always something great stored there. 🙂 I still believe in the saying that when you love what you do, money will follow you (or something like that). It's all about your approach, your mindset. ^_^


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