A Blog Post Dedicated to my Baby Belle

I made this post because I miss my Belle.

Oops. Just to clarify, single pa po ako at wala pang anak. The ‘Belle’ I am referring to is my half-Japanese Spitz/half-Pitbull doggie Belle.

(No offense if you’re a human named Belle. LOL)

Meet Belle. 

A younger me, and a younger Belle. 🙂

She is Belle. I had her around 2003. Hey, dogs who give birth are bitches, right? LOL. Anyway, her bitch mommy gave birth to her along with her other 4 siblings (na hindi ko na alam kung nasaan. sad.). Si Belle lang yung white/brown sa kanilang lima. The others were black/white. At dahil gusto ko lagi eh sa
akin yung kakaiba, I chose her immediately.

She may be just a dog but I love her to bits. She’s my ‘eldest daughter’ (Does this make me a bitch? LOL), and everybody in our household thinks so as well. 🙂

I always buy her toiletries. May shampoo yan saka powder. I would have bought her clothes kaya lang since she’s just inside the house, baka maging uncomfortable lalo na nowadays, mainit ang weather. I also bought her dog dish which was unfortunately smashed, which mreminds me I should buy a new one. I’m thinking of buying a leash, para I could walk her around kahit lalabas ako ng bahay.

Belle and me a few months ago
She’s very intelligent. We somehow believe na nakakaintindi sya ng Tagalog kasi we can talk to her and we feel she understands. May konting gestures, pero at least wala masyadong effort.

Case in point: She sits on the chair by the terrace, dun sa may tindahan. Mom goes outside and sees her. What mom does is to look at her and say, “Dun ka sa loob, mauupo ako dyan.” What Belle would do is to jump down the chair and go inside.

She also follows orders well. She was sitting again on the chair previously mentioned. A neighbor arrived and saw her sitting. We were inside the house but we have them on view; he then played around and told Belle, “Baba ka dyan, ako yung uupo.” 

Belle did not budge.

Neighbor attempted several times, and Belle just looked at him as if thinking, “Sino ka? Whatever, kuya.”
Mom then went out and told Belle, “Dun ka sa loob, Belle.”
Belle immediately went down the chair and went inside
She then told neighbor, “Sa amin lang susunod yan. *proud voice*

I’m such a proud mom.

She also knows (and despises, if I may add) when it’s time for her bath. Siguro dahil dog sya, that’s why she initially hates the thought of taking a bath. Pero once nabuhusan ko na sya ng tubig, kalmado na.

Here’s how Belle’s bath time adventure goes:

Belle lies down comfortably in one of our chairs. It’s about 2pm, and it’s time for her regular bath.
I look at her. 
Belle looks at me. I stay sitting on my chair.
“Maliligo ka?”
She suddenly turns away.
“Tara, ligo ka na, Belle.”
As I slowly lift myself off the chair, she instead dashes off and runs ‘far’ from me. (She just moves into a different chair.)
I stand up and walk over to her, and she makes herself heavier as I carry her to the bath.


She always looks bored.

I could go on and on rattling how sweet and lovable and huggable my baby Belle is. But then again, this post is enough to express how much I love this pet of mine. 

I’ll see you, Belle. I miss you. ♥

**By the way, I know it’s the pronoun “it” that should be used in referring to animals. But yeah, I treat Belle as a human being. Grammar police, please bear with me. 🙂


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