Spongebob couldn’t describe it any better than this.

Am I the only one guilty of this crime?

Yeah, I admit, lately time management isn’t really my expertise. I seem to wait until the deadline’s just a few hours away before I start doing the work. It’s working for me, though — my mind seems to have the capability of generating ideas when it’s ultimately necessary. But before then, it just seems to stop.
An actual sample of my work’s screenshot for EPH.
Only 4 hours to go. Deym.
Why oh why.
Yes, I know I’m to blame. I always find something else that takes my mind and attention to writing. 
There’s Facebook. (Can’t blame me getting curious with that friend request / news feed / notification / message whatever.)
Twitter. (I don’t do much of this. *grins*
SMS messages. (Can’t avoid. Shouldn’t avoid.)
Candy Crush. (Hell Candy Crush. One of the major culprits. And there are times when I’ve spent all five lives and not proceed to the next level. Injustice at its finest. Darn.)
Giving in to temptation to create new posts here in my blog. (As you can see, I’m indeed guilty.)
Being with boyfie doesn’t count though. He is not a distraction. (And I say this with sparkly eyes, winks, and with a dazed look. LOL)
I’m trying my best to avoid putting off stuff so I don’t have to hurry. I don’t like the feeling of rushing off to somewhere because it just adds up to the nervousness. I don’t want to have regrets thinking that if I’ve started earlier with my work, I should’ve been finished by now. 
As I type, I’m thinking on how to manage my time better. I don’t do well with organized time schedules, though. So I’ll just think of the stuff I need to do for the day.
Or if those stuff won’t work, I’ll just remember that once an article is finished, it will be reviewed and added to my points.
(taken from sodahead)

I think it’s motivation enough. 😉

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