Vice and Jessica: The Joke that Went Wrong

*photo taken from Interaksyon website

First of all, let me start by saying that I’m not a Vice Ganda fan. Yes, I watch GGV (Gandang Gabi Vice, a comedy talk show — just in case someone out there doesn’t know) and his interviews make me laugh, but I can’t find myself liking him, and I can’t see myself patronizing his shows. When I watch his TV programs, it may be just because I happen to be awake at the time his shows are on, and I just have the energy. But really, I’m not the type to get out of bed just to be able to watch his shows. Not for him.

Just recently, I saw news about Arnold Clavio reacting to one of Vice’s jokes during his Araneta concert. It’s about him saying that if Jessica Soho is raped, it should be a gang rape, and she’ll even ask where her apple is when the lechon enters the scene (roasted pig).

All my opinions are just based on what I’ve seen and read in social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. I didn’t even watch his concert even in YouTube. No offense meant to his loyal and avid fans, but he appears to me as quite insulting. I believe you can make people laugh without having to ridicule other people, and that’s what Vice is not able to do.

IMHO, I am agitated and irritated by those people who say that since it’s just a joke, it should not be taken seriously. What about the saying that “Jokes are half-meant”? Does that mean that deep inside Vice, he is really ridiculing Jessica Soho? Would that mean he really intends to make fun of her, and just found the concert as an outlet?

Jessica Soho is a multi-awarded woman who has achieved so much in her field. If she’s larger than the average woman, then so what? It still doesn’t make me speak less of her. She has proved herself and is respected much by her colleagues. 

Vice Ganda should learn from US TV sitcoms, wherein the humor is based on dialogues. The actors say something; the audience laughs. The actors don’t even have to insult their co-stars. But the audience laughs. Why can’t Vice just do it instead? Jessica Soho was just out there, doing her job, working hard and professionally; for all she knew, someone named Vice Ganda is out there in Araneta making fun of her and her physique.

Yes, Vice also made fun of other celebrities such as Kris Aquino and Boy Abunda, but those are showbiz folk. They know how it goes. And besides, he’s close to them. He can ridicule them all he wants, but at the end of the day, they’re still friends.

Try to hear a stranger –okay, let’s try an acquaintance– make fun of you. Let’s say that person does not know how great a person you are, and all he sees is how big or how thin or how dark or how small or how tall you are. You overhear that stranger making everybody laugh, at your expense. Feels good, right? Grr.

And another thing: I can’t believe how many people support Vice and say “Why be affected? It’s just a joke.” Well, I  see your point, people, but you have to see mine as well. People with weight issues are having difficulty as it is. That could be a reason why they excel on other fields, so that the harshness of the world won’t be too much on them. And this is what they get from trying?

Besides, rape is never a funny issue. Women know this. A simple touch of a stranger can scare us; what more if there are threats of rape? 

I know someone who was molested when she was young. Effects of what happened still stings until now. And that’s just molestation, not raped fully. But the point is, it hurts to have experienced it. The mere thought of not being able to do anything can hurt. A lot.

Hopefully other rape victims didn’t see that part of the concert as well. I can only imagine how they feel right now. 

Feel free to add comments if you have something to say towards the issue. Let’s respect each other’s opinions, people! 🙂


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