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Whew. Thankfully I’m done with that eBook. It has been checked and graded as well; I got a good grade too. Yay 🙂
I’m happy doing this stuff, and this is something that I’ll be holding on to for quite some time. 🙂
Clueless? I’m talking about my stint at
I’ve been actively writing for EPH since February.  Hopefully no one would mind if I say I’ve improved… my basis being the remarks the editors have given me as well as the grades I’m getting. Lately I don’t see much of the comments such as ‘grammar lapses’ or ‘awkward sentences’ (Sounds familiar, fellow EPH writers?), and for that, I’m grateful.
I learned a lot of things while writing for EPH. I’d like to share them with you. Here goes:
Learning is an everyday process.
When I was younger, I thought I was already a good writer – I always got good grades in English and even became a part of the school paper. But I was wrong. When I became a part of EPH, I realized I have a LOT to learn. Those conjunctions…prepositions… SVA… oh my…
…but writing for EPH is fun. I get to learn a lot. You research about different topics and learn a lot of ideas. The article you wrote gets to be submitted, but the knowledge stays with you.
Don’t ever take revisions personally.
When revisions are sent, that means there’s something wrong, not with you, but with the content of your article. It’s actually better if you received a revision request; it just means the editors are willing to give you a chance to redeem your work instead of giving you an outright rejection.
And for all you know, editors hate giving revision requests too. As much as possible, they’d want the article to be of high quality so it can be graded immediately. Less work, more fun.
It’s never too late to gain new friends.
I went to an event hosted by EPH called the Adrenaline Rush 2 (you may have seen the pics I uploaded on my FB page), and I’m glad I went there because I gained new friends.
Aside from attending events, I also gained friends through the forums. These friends may not be physically present, but I’m assured that they’ll give a listening ear when I need to talk and vent about something. ♥
Besides, during AR2, the food was awesome. Unlimited ice cream? Genius.
It’s more important to do what you love.
Walt Disney once said that passion should serve as your fuel, not money. Follow your passion, and the money would follow.
I remembered when I was still in the BPO industry. The pay was somehow better, but it didn’t give me the satisfaction and fulfillment that I have with EPH. Maybe because I love writing, and when I write, I put my best efforts into it. With EPH, there are no qualms in making me stay.
When all else fails, use that GC.
Grace credits indeed save me from further embarrassment. (FYI: GCs, or grace credits, are used to extend deadlines for 24 hours.) Whenever I’m busy, stressed, hungry, demotivated – in essence, the stuff that keeps me from writing – I use my GCs.
I also use my GCs when I’m too ashamed to ask for extensions from editors. I don’t want to sound as if I’m taking advantage of them. And of course, when you’re writing eBooks, you’re going to need all the time in the world. (I still remember that 8000-word eBook… Good thing I learned something out of it.)
Others may not consider what I do as a ‘real’ job. Here’s why:
Work: You get up early, or stay up the whole night, especially if you’re in the night shift.
EPH: I get up and sleep when I want to, or recently, when I need to, because I’m already too sleepy.
Work: You commute or bring your car to work.
EPH: I crawl to our laptop. Then work.
Work: No food allowed on your stations. (previous BPO work)
EPH: I eat while I’m working. I can’t function if I’m hungry.
Work: No phones allowed.
EPH: I call, text, email, Skype, Viber, WeChat, YM… or simply talk to people when I work.
Yeah, it’s pretty much simple. I work at home. If that’s too complicated to grasp, then it’s no longer my fault. It just pains me to realize some people don’t appreciate what I’m doing, but that’s just life. Let’s just move on, people.
Okay, so well, this post is getting longer and longer now, so I gotta go. Ciao! 🙂
PS: Think you got some time to spare from your day job? Try your luck – go to – and who knows, I might find you in our forums babbling about something that we might find interesting. 😉 See yah!

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