Coffee Craze

I’m starting to realize why people are getting addicted to coffee.

I wasn’t really addicted to coffee–my father is. The thing is, I never really avoided coffee, but I wasn’t really hooked to it. I was amazed at how people tend to drink cups and cups for coffee a day.

But something changed.

My work required me to stay up for certain nights. The sleepyhead that I am, I needed coffee to perk me up during those night owl moments. That’s when I started drinking coffee.

At first, I drank hot coffee. But afterwards, I discovered the wonders brought by drinking cold Kopiko brown, and I realized how it can taste really good.

wasn’t paid for the endorsement, k?

From then on, I longed to keep stacks of Kopiko brown at home, so that I can whip up a glass whenever I needed to.

Oh yes, my coffee love story has now begun.

I have always wondered how people can get addicted to coffee. Now I know. I’m just scared that this addiction would grow stronger. Woooo.

I’ve always loved Starbucks coffee but let’s face reality — we can’t just buy a cup everyday not unless you’re filthy rich. For 70 bucks for the hot coffee cups, or the 120 bucks for the frappes, you can satisfy your coffee cravings — which can also be satisfied with a 3-in-1 coffee pack for just 6 or 7 bucks.

For a little more effort, but less price, you can get the caffeine kick.

What we did earlier was to create ice cream from those coffee packs. Hopefully it’ll turn out okay; once it does, I’ll share the recipe and update you all. I’m also trying out the Starbucks-wannabe (this I’m excited about), and I’ll also share the recipe once I’m done trying it out.

I love cooking and trying things out. I love my life. I love eating. And I’m happy that I can try everything out while I can. 🙂


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