Leaving You

I could have chosen to be bitter and from now on be cynical about love
But instead I choose to be thankful and happy for what happened
You opened my eyes to the reality
that you don’t pick out who your ‘happily ever after’ will be
And that people will only be remembered ‘once upon a time’

I would have chosen to continue being stupid
To continue hoping for more hope
For more patience
For more attention
For more love to come from you
But instead I choose
To be happy
To be calm
To avoid stress
That loving you brings

Perhaps someday we’ll be together, who knows
As we won’t know what tomorrow holds
But now I choose to love myself

Yes, there’d be tears along the way
Endless why’s and what ifs
But the scars would only start healing
After the wounds stop bleeding
And so I welcome the pain
I feel the pain because I’m alive

I’m now going to live my life
The life that’s focused on me
And not the one that revolved around you



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