Forgive Me, I am Sorry

Maybe I am a coward
Coz I can't tell you I love you no more
Maybe I'm scared
Of breaking your heart that once was whole

It would have been nice
To send you a letter
To give a phone call
But no, I chose to disappear
     from the surface
And hide from your eyes

I don't know why I can't face you
I don't even have the courage to try
Because I can't bear to see you suffer
And see the tears fall from your eyes

I would have known how painful it is
Not to see someone go
But I'd rather disappear like a cloud of smoke
Than to say goodbye to you

Unfair so it seems, and all I can say is
	"I'm sorry"
Life hasn't been fair for everyone
You'll find someone else, I'm sure
There's nothing else running on my mind right now
But to say
"I'm sorry"


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