The Girl in the Mirror

i look in my mirror and then i see
a little lady staring right back at me
all the world sees are smiles
as she goes through the day
but they never see the tears she sheds
on the covers that lay

she knows how to listen and comfort a hurting heart
but to heal her own, she doesn’t know how to start
all she knows is she has to be okay
she was pictured as someone strong,
and that’s how it should stay

one time she fell for a friend
she knew that shouldnt have happened
not that she regrets it, but it was what the guy wanted
yet stubborn that she is, still went ahead
and now confused of what to do instead

everybody knows she’s all brainy and stuff
but one thing she wished she how to do was how to be tough
she carefully guards her heart
so it wont be torn apart
yet she knows it couldn’t be so easy

i really pity the girl i see in my mirror
i wish i could reach out and touch her
then i saw her crying
and as her tears continue to fall
i felt my cheeks get wet
and i realized the girl in the mirror
that i pity so much
was me after all..


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