Acer Aspire 10E

The Acer Aspire 10E:  Unparalleled Versatility
Boasting of over 8 hours of battery life, the hybrid Acer Aspire 10E can go practically the whole day on a single charge. Although lightweight and a bit on the small side, the device can adequately handle most multimedia and productivity tasks. Its best feature is its versatility – the Aspire 10E can easily part from the dock and transform into a tablet.  It also has the capability to create various modes that distinguishes itself from typical flip-around models in the market.
·         OS:  Windows 8.1
·         Processor:  Intel Atom Z3745 1.33 GHz Quad-core
·         Screen Size: 10.1″ (25.7 cm)
·         Display:  Multi-touch screen
·         Standard Memory:  2 GB
·         HD Capacity:  500 GB
·         Flash Memory: 32 GB
Pros and Cons
·         Solid performance
·         Long battery life
·         Four different modes of use
·         Muddy and quiet audio
·         Less attractively designed compared to other similar models
Overall, the pros easily outweigh the cons.

At 2.5 lbs., the Aspire Switch 10E is a bit heavy, just like a standard laptop. After all, when in its clamshell configuration, it really does look like a laptop – with its plastic/brushed metal casing, greyish color, and all. The difference is that the weight of the Aspire 10E is distributed almost evenly between the base and the lid, compared to a typical notebook or laptop where the weight is mostly concentrated on the base. 
Because the 10E also functions as a tablet, it is understandable that a lot of the internals are on the “lid.” As such, it is top-heavy and may have the tendency to fall over backwards; and that is to be expected of a hybrid. However, compared to other “convertibles,” the 10E is better designed since its hinges are magnetic; it doesn’t use the usual hinges that mechanically click together.
The magnetic hinges allow for a more solid grip. Thus, you can try turning the unit upside down while waving it around; the Aspire 10E is guaranteed to stay in 1 piece. That’s how strong the grip is.

Impressive Versatility
Aside from its normal functions as a regular notebook, there are various convenient and useful modes that the Aspire 10E can be maneuvered into.
·         Pad Mode – A quick upward pull will release the tablet from the magnetic hold of the dock. It can then be used independently from the keyboard/dock.
·         Display Mode – Flip the slate around and then reattach to the dock to achieve this mode. This can be quite convenient when watching movies or presentations.
·         Tent Mode – Bending the hybrid over into tent mode is useful when you find yourself in tight spots such as an airplane.

Other Features
·         Various wallpapers are launched, depending on the chosen mode.
·         Battery life is impressive.  It can last for more than 8 hours on one charging alone.
·         The 10E hybrid can decently handle productivity tasks such as creating documents and spreadsheets, and multi-media work such as streaming movies and TV shows, and some light image editing.

The Verdict

While the Acer Aspire 10E may have some flaws, specifically in the aesthetics department, it has a number of advantages that are not easy to overlook.  These include the impressive battery life, solid performance, and the various modes it can be transformed into.

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