Charley the Cat

Meet my baby Charley.

We got this crazy cat in July 2014. Clark fetched him from Quezon City and brought him home to Caloocan for a while. In October 2014, we brought him here in Batangas. He was here ever since.

Charley is a British Shorthair (same breed as Church in Pet Sematary). He’s a pure white kitty that is growing to become a chubby wubby wonderful cat. He gives me headaches all of the time sometimes, but that’s okay, he’s worth it anyway.

This is the first time that I’ve taken care of a British Shorthair. His maintenance isn’t easy; cat food isn’t cheap. I can’t feed him table scraps — not that he doesn’t want to, he actually loves them — because his health gets affected. I’ve had to maintain a litter box for him. He has his own special shampoo. I have scheduled visits to the vet for him.

I don’t mind doing all of this for the crazy guy. I love the little monster. And I am to keep him for as long as I can.


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