How To Conquer The LazerXtreme Arena This Holiday Season!

For Filipinos, the Holidays usually mean spending quality time with friends and family. Traditionally, it’s that time of the year to get some serious R and R, but for those who need a dose of adventure, a round of high-adrenaline laser tag at LazerXtreme just might do the trick!
The good thing about this game is that you don’t have to have eagle-eye or learn military-grade combat moves. Even beginners can have a lot of fun. With the right tactics, you can crush your enemies (only figuratively speaking though). You just need to learn a few tips and tricks to have a fighting chance!
1. Know the setting
Be familiar with the setting. Find out if there are available arena maps. Ask the facilitator while waiting and try to memorize key points and areas so you have some reference. Upon entry, allow your eyes to get used to the darkness and scout for good vantage and hiding points.
2. Find a good spot
Serious players usually scoff at the thought of “camping” – staying at one spot the entire game just to snipe at people. Some people believe that it’s a cheater’s technique and that it’s something that only those who take the game too seriously do. Sometimes though, it is a good idea to just find a good spot to hide. You don’t have to stay there though. Find multiple spots and assess how you can move around while giving covering file, defending a position, or picking off targets. For starters, remember this: avoid corners and go for low walls.
3. Map awareness
This is a term that hardcore gamers (digital and otherwise) are aware of, but you probably use this in your daily life. It’s also use interchangeable with “situational awareness.” It basically means that at every point, you should be mentally present, and that you are aware of what’s in front of you and what could be behind you, among others.  Do not leave your back open. Look for positions that allow you to move or take a shot while minimizing the chances of getting hit.
4. Maintain a low profile
It’s actually fun to just let loose, pretend to be Bruce Willis and go around running and dishing out action-star moves, but doing that might draw attention to you, and being spotted is a disadvantage. Of course, you can just move all you want if nothing is at stake, but if you’re out there to play and win for some bragging rights, you have to avoid getting easily spotted.
Laser tag is a great game for the holidays because it’s a perfect activity for a range of people – be it for long-time friends, people at work, family, or acquaintances. It’s a casual activity that anyone – even kids and older adults – can enjoy. Head to LazerXtreme at Market! Market! and find out for yourself why it’s hailed as the country’s leader in laser tag entertainment.

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